How should I ask him out? or how to get him to ask me out?

I'm sick of waiting for him to ask me out, so I just kinda want to do it. but how do I go about it? we only ever text because we don't go to the same school and we both work etc etc. we met at six flags when i was with my friend and her (now ex-) boyfriend, and he was with his friend, about 3 months ago. i got his number and texted him, blah blah blah. so i want to ask him out but I want my friend and her new boyfriend to be there with us, so it's more of a group date thing. how do I go about this? and don't tell me to get over myself and ask him straight out, because that is so NOT happening.


how do i hint that i want him to ask me out? i don't mind doing it haha but i am pretty shy and i feel like i might get cold feet and not go through with it, so how could i hint to him that i'm into him or want him to ask me out (i suck at flirting lol)


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  • Walk up to him and firmly grip him by the nuts. Then tell him he belongs to you now. I think he'll get the picture.


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  • tell him you like him.


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  • Text him to see a movie with you


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