Does he like or love me? Is it like or love that he is feeling? Guys would love to know what you think?

I was seeing this guy, but back in June we had a disagreement, he told me, he had no feelings for me, but only couple weeks before, he told me he had feelings for me. I responded with you told me you had feelings for me, and his reply was I never said I loved you? I never mentioned love!!
Anyway I didn't message him whatsoever after that.
On Tuesday this week, I got a message from him, I asked why had he just messaged me now. He said he missed me, he thought about me, and wanted another chance (we are longdistance)

My question is if you just like someone could you just move on?
my question is does he like me or love me?


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  • I'd say it's in between like and love. His on again off again ways would give me pause. He isn't being true to his own feelings and if he can't do that I don't think he could be honest about anything

    • You mean like falling in love.
      He has been hurt in the past so maybe that is the reason for not opening up so easily
      but he does need to be true to his feelings

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