So um I kind of like this guy at school?

So there's this guy in my math class He's really smart ( great at math!) and extremely nice to people! I don't know how to start a conversation with him though - so far, i'm just attracted to him based on how i've seen him interact during class, and the few times he helped me. But, i don't know how to start a conversation and talking about school would just make me sound weird and boring. I've also never spoken to him before cause we've never had class together before, so it would be really weird if I started being my out going self and acting all "buddy, buddy". I don't want him to get creeped out either. I just want to try to be friends? I honestly don't know what to do. He has physics this semester and so do I, so that might be something i can talk to him about but then again it's school so, it's not a very good conversation topic.
But then if I want to ask about stuff like when jersey day is for our school or something, there's a person between us that i can ask, so that's not a very good idea either, it'll make it wayyyy too obvious that im talking to him, not because i actually want to know something, but because i want to start a conversation with him.

Help please? what can i talk to him about?


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  • Start a conversation like you would with any of your friends. Or just say "sup".

    Sometimes, I simply say "What are you up to?" or "What are you doing?", and usually people are barely doing anything interesting, but they give me an odd look because I guess people don't ask those questions very much as a greeting. Anyway, it leads to a conversation, and that's what matters.

    Ask a question or just say what's up. It won't be creepy. Talk bout whatever comes to mind, it doesn't have to be school.

    It's okay to make it obvious that you're talking to him, because if he likes you, he'll love that shit, and if he doesn't, he'll be flattered anyway. And it's good to show other people that you like him cause they'll do some of the work for you.

    • Turns out, i didn't have to say anything XD he asked for a sharpener and then we kinda ended up continuing a conversation from there. Although it was about physics and we were helping each other with it - i still got somewhere XD thanks for the advice though! I can use that now, I guess, since we've already had a proper conversation, i'm more comfortable just talking to him out of the blue.

    • That's awesome! I hope you two have beautiful children.

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  • If he is good at math you can say "how do you know 2 +2 alway equals 4." then smile at him and see what he says.


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  • What else is he interested in besides math and physics? Do you ever have class assignments you have to do with a partner? I don't see the problem with letting your opening gambit be about school - at least you know it's something you both have thought about. And I don't seethe problem with letting it be obvious that you're looking for excuses to talk to him - your goal is not to be awkward, but you kinda want him to know you're interested, don't you? Math nerds are the best!


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