No text from him, need advice?

I went on this date with this guy last night and long story short we were talking about going out on the weekends because he doesn't work and we can do more things and he said he will get hold of me, I haven't heard from him all day and I know he working and put I send him a text saying how's your day at work and he never texted me back and he has been on fb. I know we are not dating but I don't know what to think we go out yesterday and I text him around 8pm and he never a text back should I just think that's he's not interested and not think he will contact me or I am overreacting? I need advice on what to do.


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  • around dinnner ask him to go to movies if you think he has movies don't bother him at work he could get in trouble


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  • Girl you need to chill... you are freaking out over nothing. So he hasn't texted you in one day. Just give him time and don't let him see you are clingy. Give him space. If he likes you 'll reply and till then distract yourself. It's way too soon to jump to conclusions.


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  • let him make the next move...


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