Religious people, surely you have more in common with an atheists than someone of another faith?

If you date an atheist then the two of you will disagree about one god, however if you date someone of another religion then the two of you will disagree about two (or more) gods.

Surely it's best that there's only one god's existence that the two of you dispute rather than having that issue with multiple gods?
  • I agree, people of particular religion have more in common with an atheist than someone of another religion.
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  • I disagree. Whether you believe in the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny, having such irrational beliefs is something in common, even if they're different.
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  • I don't mind dating/marrying/being with anyone of a different religion as long as no kids are involved. The children part are where it gets complicated because of course many parents want their children to believe as they do.

    I want my children to learn all religions, but I feel like I would end up blaming the Atheist or other religious father if the children choose another route (which isn't fair... but I wouldn't be able to help it). So... no kids.

    And of course we are all similar. Just because we may not share the same belief in a particular ideology doesn't mean we aren't compatible in other ways.


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  • Islam: 1 creator
    Judaism: 1 creator
    Christianity: 1/3 (a single triune God)
    Total: 1 (generally claim to be the same God)

    Atheism: 0
    Hinduism: 300,000,000+
    Deism: 1 creator
    Scientology: 1 +
    Mormonism: 2 + adherents

    Aztec and Mayan: 30ish
    Egyptian: 20ish
    Greek: 20ish
    Roman: 20ish + 5 emperors
    Pantheon religions will take too long

    Essentially, it depends upon which meta-narrative you ascribe to, as meta-narratives, by definition, cannot be proven or disproven; so says post-modernism. If you are convinced by a scientific materialist meta-narrative, then there are NO gods. If you are convinced by an abrahamic meta-narrative, then there is one God who created everything. If you are convinced by a deist meta-narrative, then there is one god. If you are convinced by pantheon mythological meta-narrative, then there are as many gods as your pantheon ascribes.

    Looking at this, I just wanna say. Date an atheist is better than dating a person of any religion. Atheists won't give crap unless you give them crap.


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  • I see you're trying to set a trap here. But your base assumptions already betray your lack of objectivity. You are using some pretty laughable and cliche straw argument criteria to mock particular faiths, while pretending to be objective about a lack of one.

    You get an F in being genuine.

    • Just what I was thinkingšŸ˜‘ I hate biased questions

    • It's not a trap it's a joke.

      Your using strawman strawman.

      "If you date an atheist then the two of you will disagree about one god, however if you date someone of another religion then the two of you will disagree about two (or more) gods."

      Rather than just claiming I'm employing some fallacy why not try to point where the flaw is in what I said?

  • religious people are as much an atheist as anyone else. i don't believe in the 3000 or so gods that exist and most religions don't believe in 2999 or so gods either

    • That exist? You mean that some people are know to have believed in?

      There are an infinite number of conceivable gods, just most of them haven't been thought of - that doesn't make their existence less likely.

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    • I know...

    • i used 3000 because i forgot which religion has a god for everything (even cupboards)

  • I see it as the same.


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