Guy pulling away?

So I've been dating a guy for half a month now. Things are going good, he likes me, I like him, he's spoken as if I'm going to be in his life for a while. Thing is the other night he opened up emotionally to me about something I can tell really upset him, he was so vulnerable. I supported him & listened to what he was saying. But since then he hasn't messaged me, he's been at work & had plans that evening but I feel as if he's pulled back a little. I'm giving him space but do I wait for him to reach out to me or do I reach out to him?


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  • Wait for him to reach out to you. He just opened up a very deep part of himself to you and he is probably afraid that you are going to run and hide in the depths of nowhere to get away from him because of it. Text him and say something along the lines of "I really like you and I will stand beside you through everything. Text me when you want to talk." Leave an open door for him to come through when he is ready. In this sort of situation, where he has opened a door to his vulnerabilty and allowed you to walk through it and see him in a different light, you can not push him to speak or anything of that nature. Not saying you are trying to force him to talk! But I know that we sometimes do things unintentionally that sometimes make matters worse. I would just text him and let him know you are there for him and then leave it as that. If he knows he has not scared you off then he will be back in no time. Just give it some time and space.

    • He did say he didn't want to talk about some things and he'd leave to explain another time. I told him that I understand that if he doesn't want to speak about somethings that its fine and I understand and I wouldn't expect him to speak about things he isn't ready too. He opened up about somethings though, and at the end I apologised if I brought up something he didn't want to speak about and his response was "it's fine you would have found out sooner or later so might as well let you know now" he also said he wouldn't have said if he didn't want to tell me.

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    • Thanks I hope so! I'll just see if he messages by tomorrow and if not i'll just give him a little message just to let him know I'm still interested

    • Good luck!!

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