They say that all men have a fear of rejection, but how do you overcome it?

I am 20, been single my whole live, blah blah blah I am sure that a lot of people ask similar questions. However I have this problem as described above. I can iteract with women perfectly fine, I can become freinds with them, its just when it comes to asking them out I get stumped. I have considered dating apps and websites, but those often cost money and I always found them a bit to cliche.

You see in my head I have to know them at least a little bit before I even consider asking them out. However once I become freinds with them I don't want to risk our friendship so I get really nervous about that. and even if I don't know them all to well but still want to ask them out, this whole rejection thing comes back to bite me (I get... of course... nervous).

My point here is clear, how can I get over this so I am not single for the rest of my life?


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