Is she interested if she asked me this... ?

So I've been chatting with the friend of one of my best friends (I'm a guy) and the two of us seem to have been hitting it off quite well.

Last night she asked me while we were texting if there were any romantic prospects on the horizon.. As it was her and it was too soon I just told her I didn't want to jinx things when she asked who it was.

Can I take any romantic meaning from her question?


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  • Ask her. Or ask her out. Assuming you are interested in her, invite her to do something with you. If she has been flirting with her, she's probably going to give up hope soon and shift her interest to someone more responsive.

    If she hasn't been flirting with you, it sounds like she's easy-going enough that she won't freak out if you ask her out.

    Good luck.


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  • She is probably interested in you! :)


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  • It seems to be promising.


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