Signs there will be no second date?

I had a blind date with this good looking geophysicist. During the date, he asked me a lot of questions about my life and career, and we laughed a lot. We had a lot in common. The thing is, we never flirted. He asked me what was my priority for now to which I answered, my career.

I ended the date first and asked him what the time was. I told him then I needed to go home and study. He hugged me but when I said see you later, he said nothing.

I was hoping we could be friends. We can, we have a lot to talk about. I think there might not be a second date.


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  • "The thing is, we never flirted."
    That's often a sign there will be no second date. Perhaps he thought you weren't attracted to him and so there would be little point. Perhaps he wasn't physically attracted to you. Perhaps he was physically attracted to you, but thought you wouldn't have much to do with him. Perhaps he wasn't emotionally attracted to you. Perhaps he didn't find you interesting. Who knows?

    by the way, did you flirt with him? Did you want to flirt with him?

    You may never know why. It's a fact of life that not everyone will be attracted to you, just as you won't be attracted to everyone. I guess you just have to keep on flyin' and find someone else.

    • Not really, I didn't want to flirt with him. I did not know how to flirt or compliment him. I only flirt when a guy flirts with me to get the ball rolling. I never do anything like that. Maybe he found out I was too career invested or inclined, since he told me to tell him an interesting thing about myself. He had so many questions for me, and asked me to fly for him one day as he would love it. However, I did not have so much questions for him. He did really want to get to know me but I asked nothing regarding his career or anything. Never even talked about relationships. Maybe my body language was closed and I did not make so much eye contact with him? Maybe there is no attraction or spark between us both? On Facebook, I deactivated it but he may have think I blocked him. He kept on mentioning Facebook and told me to research something. I said I would so maybe that. Also I never talked or texted him. I seemed less enthusiastic about meeting him.

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    • It's a bit difficult for me to answer your "if you were him" question since I wasn't on the date. Sorry.

      Perhaps he's attracted to you but senses you're not attracted to him (you're kind of unclear about that, are you attracted to him romantically?) Perhaps he wants someone who wants a relationship. Perhaps he didn't find you attractive in person. Who knows?

      I don't think it's fruitful to pursue these questions much more, unless this is common for you. Is it common? Does this seem to happen a lot?

    • I did find him attractive, but no sort of spark that would make me flirt with him.

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  • I wonder in which country you live cause that might have influenced the way people date.
    I'm guessing something like Asian culture or so, they are really reserved when it comes to dating (also a reason why some anime just lack sense when it comes to romance).

    • No, he was white and I live in Australia. He is 24 and I am 18 so the age difference is negligible in my dictionary. We are both vegans and had a lot in common. He also asked me which way I was going to leave but I pointed in the opposite direction. It sucks I can't get people around me age but attract old perverted farts.

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    • He does have my number, but he did not answer back when I said "see you later". I just deleted his number because I no longer think I stand a chance. I even want to be friends.

    • Well, then you already marked it as a one time thing. Good luck for the upcoming ones ;)

  • How long since the data? How'd you meet him?

  • Doesn't sound like it and you may be to young for him right now anyway

    • It's a negligible age difference. I am 18 and he is 24. He has a job while I'm studying in university. He is a fly in fly out worker but I don't think that matters.

    • Yeah that's not much of a difference, but it didn't sound like a second was going to happen, maybe because of his job

    • Why can't we be friends? I had a really good time talking to him and I would love him as a friend. I know I felt no attraction is sparks in my behalf. I knew if I did, I would be more magnetic and flirty.

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  • When was this date? I've sometimes had second dates but didn't hear about them till at least a few days after the original first date. So it all comes down to the time elapsed since you first met up.

    • It was today. I just feel pessimistic because he did not respond when I told him "see you later" and he didn't mention doing something again. I just deleted his phone number though.

  • He prolly did not feel a spark at all with you.

    Or maybe he was too old for you or you are too ambitious for him.

    • He is a geophysicist and he is 24 while I am 18 so the age difference is not that bad. He may think I have blocked him on Facebook since he asked me about Facebook updates and things, but in reality I have deactivated my account. But I never told him. He asked me which direction i was going before I left and I said the opposite direction. I don't feel any spark but I think we would make excellent friends. I want more vegan friends.

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    • I would never respond to them or accept their advances when I have my chances with young, fit and handsome men. I don't want a sugardaddy. I can look after myself and don't need their pity. How far do I need to go through their ego inflated head (both smaller and bigger ones) that I am not interested? I am glad my date did somewhat put them off today. He told him he was lucky to have me and should buy flowers for me. I have so many negative attention. Why can't it be Good looking young men or even women?

    • Just ignore but I think you been too emphasized on them.

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