He feels he shouldn't have to tell me what bothers him. Is he right?

I'm not very experienced in dating but I'm dating someone I really like. We have our differences and I'm not perfect so if he doesn't tell me something bothers him I don't always pick up on it. We will just hold it in and build up resentment then passively aggressively second guess my "preferences". We had a fight and he told me he was doing this.

I I told him we need to communicate more and hat if I do t know something is wrong I can't fix it which isn't fair. He doesn't think he should have to tell me something bothers him. That if we are a good fit I would just not do those things on my own. I see what he means but an example of something that really bothers him was me mildly teasing him with his best friend. It was the first time I'd met his best friend and I was just trying to get along.

His Dad was hard on him so I guess he is sensitive. If he would tell me I would not not to tease him because while it wouldn't bother done it bothers him.

Mia he right that we aren't a good fit? I think you have to make certain accommodations in relationships and if you really like the person it is worth it. He hasn't had a LTR in a long time either so he takes working with and I think that will be true no matter who he dates. I don't know if maybe he just doesn't like me enough to try or what.

We we broke up after a stupid fight but he told me good night a couple of nights ago. he's the first guy I could see a future with and he's met my family...


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  • no he isn't right. lack of communication is the death of all relationships

    • Yeah... He said he doesn't like confrontations. But I'm like babe that isn't a confrontation just tell me it bothers you and I'll most likely be cool with it. I don't want you just going along with whatever I want then resenting me. I don't care what we do as long as I'm with you... I don't know though I feel like if he really liked me he would be willing to work at it.

    • he might come from one of those families that never brings anything up and must maintain apperances. try talking to him about establishing ground rules like you won't call each other names, you'll never make fun of their feelings or discount them etc

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  • Communication is key in ANY relationship. He can't expect you to magically know what he is feeling and vica versa. If he can't communicate or expect communication then he's not mentally ready or mature enough to be in a relationship.


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