Are introverted guys unattractive?

I'm apparently attractive and I can be social, just not in group situations.

I know what I want in life, I want to be a success. I observe what people around me do and I normally make a judgement or a theory on how a certain situation will pan out. But I don't often share my thoughts with many for I don't like to be a gossip or to be the central talking point.

I believe in myself a lot and find it difficult to trust plenty of humans. I feel that as humans, operating in a world with limited resources, we are simply selfish beings. Thus, whilst there are some good people, they are few in number and I like to bide my time to find them.

I've recently moved area for a new job and have no friends. Whilst I've always wondered what it would be like to be involved in a close 'group', a lot of me doesn't.

I'm very career motivated but I know money doesn't make me happy. I just like to be around people I trust 100%. I don't like the stuff in between, I see it as a waste of time. I'm physically attractive (average to good to most) to many but I struggle to get close to many people - both boys and girls.

With boys, it's different. I have interests which any common man has - sports. With girls, I need to bide my time to analyse whether we could be a match because I know many might not like the fact that I don't make myself central to groups and I generally like keeping to myself.

I'm a good listener and offer my opinion on matters when asked. I've been called myseterious but I never do this intentionally or to seek an advantage.

Are any of the things I've said attractive?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm an introvert, too. Introverted people are also humans, girls or guys, and they can be attractive just like any extroverted girl or guy can be.


Most Helpful Guy

  • In my very limited analysis, people are more and more starting to realize that girls can introverted as well. It's not just guys, although we typically get the bad rap for it. So I'd say that if people, guys or girls, don't like you for being introverted, they are not worth your time to begin with.


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  • That's definitely attractive. You sound kinda like me. :)

  • i think its attractive.


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