Girls, Is it just looks when it comes down to it?

See I don't get the whole friendzone thing. If you have two guys who are interested in you and they both treat you well and are super nice to you, I feel like the one you'll end up dating would be the good looking guy. Girls always say don't be TOO nice to her or she'll friend zone you. But the issue is that if that same guy with same "level of niceness" was someone super attractive, I doubt the girl will friend zone him. I know at least for me, I would friend zone a girl if I'm not physically attracted to her. We can be really good friends and she can be super nice and we have a lot of fun together but I still wouldn't be interested. Girls always say that it's not all about looks and it's how you two connect but I feel like that's inaccurate if what I said is true.


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  • No. You need more than jsut that


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