Im scared to leave my other behind?

Im 23 and i live at home but i really NEED to start my own life and move too a different city. I m scared for my mother. She has a history of depression and shizophrenia. She takes medicine but she is a liability, she hates being alone. Our sis of 28 still live at home but she herself is very selfish/never helps out and suffers from undiagnosed depression. I feel guilty for leaving my mom with her but what am i supposed to do? My whole life has revolved around them and it literally destroyed me. Im scared my mom is going to hurt herself. She already goes to doctors but stil... the liability and guilt you have to deal with with a mentally ill mother is literally heartbreaking.


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  • Yes it is. However you have to go at some point and live your own life. That does not mean you do not love her, nor are for her, nor respect her.

    That said, you may have to try to help her do some thing to cope. You probably can't surprise her with a move. You probably need to mae sure she knows how to contact you etc. But there is only so much you can do for her.

    I am sorry. I know this is real stress...


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  • You can have good communication with her and tell your sister to just keep an eye on your mother.


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