What does it mean if she's sending mixed signals?

A girl I have been dating for two months said she wanted to stop talking to me (completely) after we had sex. I was bummed because I felt like we could have been friends still at least. We saw each other on campus and I just waved but she called me over. After talking for a bit she said she still enjoyed talking to me and decided she still wanted to be friends. We talked some and the next time I saw her on campus she was being really flirty again and teased me. She was basically acting like she did when we were dating. This continued and for some reason it irritated me. I felt the mixed signals were insensitive. I still like her and she wants to end things because she doesn't see our relationship going anywhere. She said it was mostly because we had sex which she feels means there is no point to a relationship. She was flirting with me and even called me her nickname for me when we were dating. It was very confusing and I'm not sure she realized she being so flirty. Also we talking very late on the phone which I only did when were dating. When I said goodnight she said not to hang up. I said why and she said she needed me. The. I said "but you said you didn't need me anymore". She asked why I was so boring and I said she needed to find someone else to talk to her that late and she hung up.
I'm very confused now and don't what to do. She seemed upset I said that when she wanted to stop talking in the first place. Does she still have feelings for me or is she just playing with my emotions?
What should I do I still like her? Why is she sending me mixed signals?


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  • She might be playing with your emotions, be very careful about this girl. You could always ask her why she keeps changing her mind and even mention that you don't need someone in your life who's going to keep changing her mind on you, it's so unstable. If you really need to you could give her an ultimatum-decide on you or not or you will decide for her. Hopefully this helps.


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  • Mixed signals are a bad sign. Girls who are really into you won't give you mixed signals. Next time a girl offers to be "just friends," the correct answer is no.


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  • Don't be confused. She is a user. Sorry to say!


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