Why do girls stop liking me before we get into a relationship?

Hey guys, I'm going through a rough spot tonight. >_<

I thought about asking this annonymously so I wouldn't damage my unbreakably manly persona, but I wanted people reading it to be able to have a little context about what type of guy was on the other end of the screen here.

I started seeing a girl about a month ago and everything seemed to be going great. We were communicating daily, and seeing each other 2-3 times a week, sometimes one-on-one, and sometimes in groups. We both acknowledged that we liked eachother, but she stressed that she wanted to take things slowly, which I'm fine with, within reason.

I was just away from her for all of Labor Day Weekend, which was a very eventful time for me, full of very exciting and interesting experiences, which made it feel much longer than 3 days, in terms of the amount of memories I had taken in. Even though it was a great weekend, I thought of her often.

We met for hot chocolate on the following Wednesday. As we were departing from each other, I mentioned I had missed her over the weekend, which was apparently the wrong thing to say, because she merely responded "did you?" without giving any assurance she felt anything for me whatsoever. Furthermore, she has refrained from communicating with me since.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened to me. Why do girls who like me stop liking me when I start liking them more?


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  • "I thought about asking this annonymously so I wouldn't damage my unbreakably manly persona"


    Anyways, sounds like a case of communication gap between you both. Maybe she tried to call / text you and you didn't respond in those 3 days? Maybe you set up a date beforehand and forgot about it. Or maybe someone filled her ears on something or worse she saw you with another girl.

  • Sounds like you should've just taken it slow. Put yourself in her shoes; "take it slow". What if she wasn't ready and she felt like you were pressuring her? She may have had stress placed upon her from other things. Just my 2 cents.


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