I think this is why many young girls get cheated on?

It's clear why young girls (between 15 to 30 years old) get cheated on.

They are able to attract men who are gorgeous and able to have sex with them.

Woman can hookup with men who are more attractive than themselves.

So it gives them this distorted sense of entitlement of who they can date.

So they reject guys who are probably at the same physical attractiveness level as themselves. Because they think they can get better men.

What they don't realize these gorgeous men just want to hookup and not date them.

So these girls think they can get these gorgeous men to date them cause they can get them to have sex with them.

So they reject guys in the "same" league as them. Maybe the guy could even be a bit higher on the attractiveness scale than her. But the girl is able to attract a more gorgeous man than the man is able to attract a more gorgeous girl.

So girls keep rejecting men at the same level of attractiveness as themselves. And go for something higher. The girls usually succeed because it is not hard for a girl to get a man to have sex with her.

The woman who get cheated on are usually the ones who are dating out of their league and not giving guys at the same attractiveness level as themselves a chance.


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  • i agree...

    • This is just an observation, but i think clearly from teens throughout the 20s. Girls definitely have an advantage over men in access to going on dates and meeting men.

      However after 30 i do think men have it better than woman who are over 30.

      Not trying to be sexist but this is profoundly the theme

    • yes I've noticed it too.

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