Girls, Just to get a bit of hope back in my life, are there any young women here that still look for cheesy/hopeless romantic love?

I mean your idea of hanging out is star gazing rather than hitting a club with a guy. Keeping sexual activities out of the way until you really fall for/know him. I think you get what I mean. Anyway, thanks for writing! Have an awesome life!


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  • I am the biggest hopeless romantic ever. I look forward to dates. Not "chilling" at their home or the nearest bar. I crave romance. Communication. Someone who I find intellectually stimulating and can keep up with my sometimes unrealistic theories of life.

    • Good to know! It's refreshing to hear to be honest. I know I'm gonna sound like a try hard when I say this but doing things like going for walks at a beach or by some boat port late at night is my idea of a fun way to get to know someone.

    • Definitely sounds like a good time. I am the type of girl who would rather A) Walk on the beach or B) Sit on a tail gate and star gaze rather than go to the latest comic flick or a out for a fancy dinner. I'm not hard to please.

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