I this kinda forward from a single mom, at least she's telling the truth and being upfront or insane?

I met this woman and we went on a date she tells me "I'm looking for a serious relationship". I just tell her "well I don't really know what I'm looking for whatever happens I guess will happen."
she looks at me "I'm looking for a father figure and stability for my son."
I almost dropped my fork during dinner. Is this insane or she just being very upfront?


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  • at least she's telling you like it is and isn't hiding the fact that she has a son, kudos to her for the honesty

    • Yeah guess at 27 old age is coming up in me. Starting to realize most woman my age have kids now. I would date or marry one but I'd still want one of my own.

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  • She's just telling it like it is.

    When I divorced, I received custody of my 4 year old son. After the divorce became final, I immediately joined eHarmony. One of the elements of my profile was this line:

    "Match must be willing to accept my child as her own."

    Any woman that could not say yes to that idea ON PRINCIPLE, before even meeting me, was never matched with me in the first place.

    Dating as a single parent can be challenging. You have to seek out your own interests at the same time as you defend the interests of your child.

    • It really threw me off I mean it was on the table before desert was... I'm only 27 don't know if I'm ready to take care of some other guys kid. at least I have enough integrity to not lead her on

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    • That's tough... imagine liking some one and them not budging on that because it's too upfront? Only way I'd do it is if she would be willing to well have my kid... that's a deal breaker. I want a mini me:)

    • Totally understandable.

      Identifying deal breakers are part of what dating is all about. Both in the sense of determining your own deal breakers and learning of deal breakers that are held by others.

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  • she's being upfront.


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  • Appreciate her honesty. I can respect that.

    That statement pretty much means "I'm looking for marriage or a serious relationship".

    U down for this, bro? or do u still want to play the field?

    • I'm...27...

    • Yeah I wouldn't mind a serious relationship like exclusive but marriage that's a huge huge huge did I say huge step!

    • She just wants to make sure that any guy she is involved with is a long-term-relationship thinker, and not a "let's have some casual fun but dont want anything serious " type

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