Does it hurt to ask "Do you have a boyfriend?" to the woman you're interested in?

I've always gotten the feeling that a woman being aware that you like them before you're ready to tell them that or hint at it hurts your chances of getting to that point.

.-So I for one would like to know if who I'm talking to is worth going through the trouble for by making sure they're single first. However, does asking "Do you have a boyfriend?" make it obvious that you are interested or do you feel that women take this as a general question from a man?


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  • makes it very obvious, may as well stick a sign to your forehead saying i have the hots for you


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  • Im at the point that i dont even ask.

    I just cut to the chase... if she is happily taken, she should let me know. Otherwise she is not "happily taken". ;-)


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  • Us, it is way obvious, which is fine. If you want to be more subtle, you could try "what does your boyfriend do for a living"


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