Is it okay to ask her this?

See I met this girl about a month ago , and ever since then we been having amazing conversations. We would flirt back to back. We then stop talking for a while. Now she started talking to me again and she talks like nothing happened. Is it okay for me to ask her "what does she want from this?" Or does that seem a bit pushy?


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  • I'd only ask that if it was in a playful tone. A mother question you could ask is if she asks this way with any other guys.

    It's nothing definitive for relationship status, but her respones may lead to an answer
    Good luck


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  • I just had one of my friends cut me out for a while and she just came back around I said "I don't know what happened and why you cut me out, but that hurt... Did I do something or was it just inconvenience?" So I would kind of question it like that, but if you feel like you want to be like "whatever I'm done" it's probably just eanting payback... Which is what I felt


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