Complicated relationship?

Me n my ex got back together after 7 months.. we decided to be friends first and take it slowly to relationship.. the problem is he hardly texts me and i still love him and i want constant contact with him.. however he says it isn't necessary to talk to friends everyday. I was a little upset and i told him i can't take the relationship further anymore and he can pursue it if he is interested. He asked me to meet me later that day..
He wanted to know why i am upset.. which he asked many times.. we spent time together talking.. it was just like before when we were together! Then he asked me again why i am upset and then held my hands drew me closer and kissed me passionately. I whispered i love him to which he replied he loves me too. 3 days pass by.. not a text from him yet.. i don't know what he wants... he is a taurus by the way and me a leo.. we r completely opposite maybe because of which they say opposites attract


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  • He's not committed but wants you on the side.

    • If he can't commit.. why can't he just leave me!

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    • So he is trying to use me? Whenever he wants

    • Yeep, drop em

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  • isn't romantically interested he has found n other girl who is interested wants you on the side


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