Is he lying to me? why he didn't want to see me on Saturday night but when I said no and he wants to see me?

I told him I'm not free on Friday night and he said he is hanging out with his male roomate on Saturday day, then with his mom late afternoon / evening. Then he will have some work to do and if he come and get me he will be tired and need to sleep. He said he can come get me on Sunday morning and spend entire day together.

I told him I'm not free on Sunday until in the afternoon and told him not to worry about Saturday night if he is busy. Then he changed his tone to I will let you know when I'm finished with my family and if you are free I will come and get you and he goes if you are not free I will just come and get you on Sunday afternoon

He sent me a text around 7 saying he just got home and now driving and eating with his roomate.

Why he was trying to convince me it's better to meet on Sunday but now he wants both days?


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  • Lol! Sounds like this guy doesn't really know what he's doing! In one instance it seems he's acting clingy and then suddenly he's busy which sends mixed signals in terms of his availability!

    I can understand why you're feeling puzzled! :-p

    • Exactly why! I started to feel like is he playing me? we've been dating exclusively for 3 months.. and I had to teach him the concept of Saturday night is date night... I have met his roomate a few times and we joke around a lot.. and when we joke around in the morning he just stay in his room instead of come out to laugh with us...

      anyway i also met his sports team mates.. one of them asked me how we met.. I asked didn't he tell you? he goes no.. i known him for 7 years but never hang out with him outside of sports.. also he is very quiet...

      I don't know what to make out of it... :/

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    • I am glad to hear that :-)

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  • Did he smell like perfume when he came over? or other "girly traces" like hair on his clothes?

    He probably was telling the truth about his whereabouts. I agree with the other dude about this guy seems clueless and very unorganized.. at least he made an effort

    • I can't remember LOL he wears cologne and don't think i saw any hair haha

    • Hahaha this guy seems absolutely clueless!

    • Sounds like something is wrong with that guy to be honest. I don't mean he is cheating, I meant something is just wrong, I can't pinpoint to what it is.

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