How can I cope with being ugly?

Like i see better looking guys get all the girls while i get all the "ewws" from them. Like they just don't give me a chance just because i'm not good looking. They don't see how nice i am.


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  • How can you not? I mean seriously. Let's just completely admit that your ugly and 100% undesirable. You have two options. Be sad and spend the rest of your life focusing only on the fact that your ugly or get over it and enjoy whatever's left in life for you to enjoy. Those are your options. Be sad till you die or accept and get over it. I suggest getting over it sooner rather than later. Hey you never know maybe someone may have a different opinion than you but you don't have to be attractive to enjoy life the only thing you need to enjoy life is life.


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  • Easy.. you don't.

    The first thing you should do, is stop believing
    yourself to be.. ugly.. which you're not.

    I read your profiles "about me" and while it's good to be humble
    you shouldn't believe yourself to be average, either..

    "you are you, and you are amazing" is what should
    be going through your head daily. Even if girls currently
    picks other guys, no matter how inconceivable this may sound..
    The world doesn't revolve around them.

    Everytime a girl declines your offers, don't believe yourself to be at fault
    yes, you probably didn't have something she wanted, but she's the only one
    "at fault" for not giving you a chance.

    You can pretty much see human behavior in lions, albeit simplified..
    the male lion wants to breed as much as possible, while the lioness
    picks only the very best.. the lion at the top.

    It's genetically coded in many species. ^.^

    So if you currently see yourself as "ugly" or "average"
    then exactly that, is your current problem.

    • Oh yeah.. forgot to post this one. ^.^

      Humility, is not thinking less of yourself
      Humility, is thinking of yourself, less.

  • "They don't see how nice i am." That is why you should become friends with ___ 1st. So you'll give yourself a better chance at winning her over via your personality when compared to approaching her on that "baby girl let me get ya #" type shit. Because if she finds you "physically unattractive" 99% of the time it'll be over right there and then.

    I mean if ya can't WOW ___ with your LOOKS why not make her ass laugh 24/7? Since she may fuck around and catch feelings for you #ItHappens but until then here's some random music 4 ya ^_^


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