Keeping the date activity a secret?

So i'm planning on taking this girl i've been seeing on a date, probably the most 'serious' date we will have been on so far, but nothing major. I'm wondering whether I should tell her that i'm going to take her out but keep the activity a secret and just tell her for example 'i'll pick you up at 7'. I think this would be a romantic thing to do as it keeps thing interesting and creates anticipation. Should I do this or just let her know upfont what we're doing?


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  • It's a nice thing to do but remember that she's gonna be dressed up for this date and if she's wearing 6 inch killer hills and a short bodycon dress and you take her for a romantic picnic at the beach... you see the problem.

    • Yeah you're right, i'll definitely be sure to drop a hint as to what to wear. But you think its a good idea apart from that?

    • Yeah I think it's a lovely idea. Really shows you're thinking about her and wanting to do nice things for her.

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  • I think it's a good idea, although maybe more for later on. Alternatively, if she needs to wear certain clothes or shoes for an activity, drop a hint that way.

  • keep it secret..


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