Why do girls like to dress their man?

I've awlays wondered why my girl loves to pick my outfit out for a special occasion like a wedding, family picnic, or any social gathering. My family knows she has picked my clothes out for the past few years cause I didn't knkw what a button up was until 2013 when we started dating. My mom loves it cause and wants me to dress up for everyday life but that's not happening and my girl won't ever make me do that.


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  • I think that's invasive. He's more than capable of picking out his own outfits

    • I don't get offended by it its just something I let her do.

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  • Because she thinks you are wearing the same old shit every day and wants to make you look special for special occasions. It's not about showing off to her relatives, it's just about her wanting you too look special on these days for her to enjoy.

    • I'm not mad about it lol it is just something I never had before her and she only does it for special ocassions so I can't complain. I just found it weird.

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