My girlfriend is 20. I am the tenth guy she has had sex with. 3 out of the 10 she had sex the first day she met them. I love her but is she a hoe?

Should i just not care because i truly love her?
She tells me the reason she had sex with those 3 guys is because she had problems with her father and felt like he didn't love her so she said she started looking for love in all the wrong places and all the wrong ways. Is that a good reason
She has never cheated on any of her boyfriends before, even when they cheated on her. She is completely down for me and supports me in every way and is completely in love with me and im in love with her. Am i wrong for always bringing up her past and getting mad at her


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  • Its up to you to decide, our opinions shouldn't sway you.

    Personally, I think that's kinda a lot for 20 but id feel more ok with it if I was one of the few that she slept with on the first day However if she made me wait a month i wouldn't. Girls generally have higher standards for the guys they sleep with right away than they do for the guys they take it slow with, so id feel more complemented if i was one of the ones she was so into that she slept with right away


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  • If you love her then none of that should matter, right? A woman is more than the amount of sexual partners she's had.

    (Note: HAD)

  • Get rid of her she is a Slut.

  • She will be


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  • You are just asking because you think she is so much more experienced than you, you might not be able to satisfy her sexually. Grow some balls.

    • First of all i know for a fact i gave her the best dick she has ever had.

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    • Id rather fuck your girl cause i know you ain't fucking her right😂

    • OK, you win. I'm out.

  • you won't like wha i gotta say, but yes she was a whore. i said WAS.

    • up to her to decide who'll be from now on.

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    • i'd be worried if you didn't. but you need to ask yourself if you truly love her enough to work past that? is she serenely willing to change?

    • I think she has already changed. The last guy she had sex with before me was her ex.

  • I'd mostly be concerned that she had the time to be with 9 guys prior, which means she goes through them as fast as you swipe through girls on Tinder.

  • Im surprised you even ask us if she's a hoe.


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