Guys, My boyfriend has been acting distant for the past few weeks. shall I leave it or talk about it?

My boyfriend has been really busy up until last week. Our communication since then has been very bad and he hasn't arranged to see me at all. We spoke about it a few days ago and he said that he would try his best to do better and fix things. But I haven't spoken since then. It's driving me crazy as I feel like I am living in limbo and it's unfair. Should I call him and address it or just let it go. I don't know if I'm over analysing things and making myself more upset but I can't just pretend not to be annoyed. I would like to speak about it or should I just give him space.


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  • I would not, you don't want to appear needy. This might be a time do something for yourself. Make your own plans and have some fun.


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