Do guys not approach me because I look mean and intimidating?

My crush and i were talking today and he said that I look mean. he said he always wanted to speak to me or say hi but I always have a nonchalant look on my face like if he ever said hey to me I look like I would say "why the f*** are you talking to me" he says that's the look that I have on my face all the time so why the f*** are you talking to me face. it took me by surprise because I'm a very nice person and the guys little brother said you always look like you're in your own head or like you are in deep thought I am a Pisces and it is true that I am always in my head and daydreaming however I am unaware that the I look so mean he told me immediately once he started talking to me and see me smile he could tell that I was a very nice person. people call me pretty all the time but guys never seem to approach me or ask me out could this be the reason why all of the other guys that I have like never ask me out?


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  • You have to work on your expression.
    It's subconsciously, that you are allowing yourself to come off as mean and unfriendly.
    Try waving, making eye contact, or smiling at a member of the opposite sex.
    This will break down lots of walls for that guy if he is interested.

    I wouldn't say that's every guys reason for no approaching you.
    But it definitely, could be a majority of their reason.
    Why would someone want to approach someone? that looks defensive.


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  • Yes I believe you can look intimidating to guys your age, but they are intimidated easily by the most mundane things. Maybe you look too good for some, maybe it's because you are black for some others. Don't worry about it, it will improve when they grow up. They will start approaching you.

  • You changed his perception of you with a smile, so maybe that's what you need to do more.

  • You don't look mean or intimidating at all

  • Most of us don't approach girls.

    You girls are too risky and dangerous. Nothing personal.


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