Third time is a charm or three strikes, you're out?

I've been communicating with a man on and off for a few months now. We met on a dating site. We have begun communication three times and twice I've ended it, mainly because he hasn't seemed interested in more than texting. This is the third time we establish communication and, this time, he seems to have opened up more, actually talking about his perceived potential for a serious relationship, calling instead of just texting and sharing more about his personal life. He has expressed desire to get to know me better, disabled his online dating profile and taken me out on a couple of dates. He has been vulnerable at times, expressing his want for me to reach out more often and trying to work around our differences. There are a couple of things that have bothered me, though, and I would like some feedback to help me sort through them: 1. Most of his communication is very superficial. 2. He never gets physical. Just a friendly hug. 3. He has an issue with independent women. 4. He'll start flirting and abruptly change the subject. 5. He seems insecure about his appearance and weight. 6. He thinks I don't think highly of him and I don't know why. 7. When pressed why he communicates if he thinks I have a poor view of him, he jokingly said he gets bored. Is he really just looking for a distraction or entertainment? Is he just insecure? I have more details on each point but my post would be too long. I can elaborate in comments, I guess (I'm new here). Thanks!


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  • Most of it is low self esteem. It also sounds like some depression also


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