In your relationships, did the guy or girl confess first?

Pretty curious due to the rise in questions about who should be approaching first, and I'm wondering when people do actually get into a relationship, who started it? Girl or guy?
  • Girl usually confesses first in my relationships
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  • Guy usually confesses first in my relationships
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm ridiculously shy person so, most of the time, girls confess first BY throwing a vast array of obvious signs.

    Then I make a move.



Most Helpful Girl

  • in terms of emotions i usually dont like to say it first because I'm pretty guarded. i try drop hints to make it clearer though, and if he feels the same i kinda just hope he'll say something. if not, then it's ok.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Always the girl so far. I'm the kind of person who doesn't need a relationship to be happy so I don't actively pursue them. So the only way relationships happen is if a woman actively pursues me.

  • i have yet to confess to her,
    it is my first,
    i hope she does first ) but thats not gonna happer (


What Girls Said 3

  • In my situation he confessed he had feelings for me first, I had feelings also but I was too scared to confess my feelings to him.

  • He did.. I can't really confess my feelings, lol

    • Cuuuuuute!! 😮

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    • @Cavmanier Lol, true :)
      I don't ignore the purpose to make them pursue me. I ignore the person because I don't want to let him know that I like him, also because I'm bit stupid. I feel if I ignore that person/ talk very less.. My feelings for him will die, lol.

      I moved a lot as a kid. It sucked making new friends every 2 years, develop crush on someone. Because, after a year or so, when I finally use get used to the new place, new friends. And started liking it. My dad was like, "(my name) baby, your Mum and I have found a really beautiful home in a very nice neighborhood. You will love it, you'll make lot of friends over there, etc". I used to get very upset. As a teenager, though almost everyone in my class, even older kids liked me and thought of me as a friend. But, I rarely liked anyone, trusted anyone enough to open up to. Lol

    • Now I'm a grown up person. I love making friends and I'm very talkative and stuff. But I have that feeling "don't get attached" towards crushes, lol

  • Nobody ever confessed, that's why I am single!


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