Being excluded on purpose?

By my brother and younger sister. Why do they that? I have never treated them with disrespect. My brother does it the most and my younger sister never stands up for me either.


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  • When I was growing up with two Other girl siblings, only Two were 'Allowed' to play, Never Three. It was either my youngest sister and me who would then leave out the Middle one or it was my Middle sis and e would leave out the baby of the bunch.
    It's hard with 'Three' because it is an uneven number. I don't know why it can't be Everyone play and get along.
    Even as I grew up and went out on my own, it is still either One or the other because the Other two or One of us cannot agree to disagree.
    For now, try to sit them down here, dear, and work out something that perhaps you all can get on the same page with. My sisters and I did enjoy a great board game and with this, happy to play because it was more fun with More than One.
    Good luck. xx


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