This guy is very very confusing?

Okay so there's this guy I like. Let's call him Worm. Okay so Worm flirts with me a lot. He's always touching me or teasing me in someway. All of my friends think he likes me and so do I. My friend (let's call her flower) asked him if he likes me. This what he said " I just got out of a ten month relationship so I don't really want one. She's pretty" so flower asked him again and he kinda blushed but didn't say anything. The next day, my flower and I were walking to the bathroom and worm asked her to come over to where he was. So Flower asked him how him and I were going and he didn't really say anything. And worms brother was sitting right next to him and he asked him who it was and he thought I was white. Worm said that the girls he likes doesn't always have to be white, which means he likes me because he was referring to the girl that they were talking about which was me. And he was like "no she's light skin" and I came out of the bathroom and his brother started pointing at me and worm started blushing and stuff. So then, Flower and I walked away and the whole time they were looking at us (worm and his brother) so the next day after that, my friend flower decided to ask him if he likes me or not. And he said no. Which confused all of us because he displayed the signs that he liked me and he would blush whenever my name was brought up. Is it because we kept asking? I don't know. Help me


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  • Its because your friend got involved... he might have got bored of people asking so many times... I know I would get bored and annoyed and move on.. also it might be that he just a shy guy...


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