Girls, is it weird I'm scared to date a Italian girl?

Like for certain reasons


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  • Depending on your reasons and where you are from, no. Italians are VERY different culture wise from Nothern Europeans.

    The first time I went to Italy I was extremely uncomfortable in conversations with men because they stood WAY too close to me. And I'm American so I'm not as sensitive about this as say maybe a German or Finnish would be. Also they are louder and gesture more.

    I am most comfortable in Franco-Anglo settings where we gesture but keep out distance and don't hug. I'm the loud one but have learned to tone it down now to the point of people asking me to speak up.

    But yeah I still get uncomfortable in Italy. Sorry Italians. It's me not you. ☺️

  • What are the reasons?

    • Like if she ever got mad at me she might have me taken out

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    • How's that

    • Thinking that Italian girls have their guys "taken out" if they get upset with them. I dont know where you got that idea, nor why you would base it on all/only Italian girls.

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