Why does she want to date me and why does this happen with every girl I go for?

This isn't the first time this has happened where I build a flirty friendship with a certain girl and then out of nowhere wants to date. She'll be flirty and sweet and a little sexual but then wants to date. The girl I'm talking to is so cool, smart, sexy, stylish, hip, and loves to party. she's a stoner gamer and sports fan just like me. She is so awesome why would she want to date me. Girls tend to play me like this pretending to be into me when they just want to date. Why do girls do this?


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  • Dating is a sign of being into u. Means she wants you guys to b exclusive and only have sex with each other, not anybody else. It's a good thing :)

    • Why would she want to have sex with just me I know girls talk about lots and lots of "hansome" and "sexy" guys. I have lots of friends that are girls and I've gone through the torture of being in a convo where all they talk about is sexy guys

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    • Does someone with tattoos piercings and a love for hiphop sound like a person who wants to date to you?

    • i have tattos and piercngs and listen to hip hop, and so does my husband... and we dated... so i'll vote yes. most of the guys i dated were the same way.

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  • "Everybody knows that nobody dates and fucks that person they dating"

    Really? if she read that she would run far away from you , that's a terrible outlook >.>

    besides whats so wrong with her wanting to date you?

    • she's cool, and she's a party person and she has tatts & piercings. Does that sound like someone who dates to you
      And I'm a party animal

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  • Well, I don't see the point of flirting with someone if I have no interest in dating them. It kind of sounds like you're just leading her on.

    • What do you mean "leading her on"?

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