Some guys are trying to get close to my crush. What should I do?

I have crush on a girl in my class. She is too pretty, her voice is sweet, she is good in studies, she is perfect.
We are friends, not very good friends but we talk to each other, sit next to each other etc.
Some guys keep staring at her like a one sided lover. When we were sitting next to each other, a guy who was beside me was trying to get her attention i felt like punch him on his face and say stay within your limits but i controlled. Once a guy wrote her name, heart, and his name when i saw that i felt like throw him out of the window with that bench but i simply rubbed it.
What should i do. Many guys are trying to get her. I don't want to loose the chance. I don't know if she likes me but i don't think she likes any one of these guys. :/


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  • Any attractive girl is going to be liked and hit on by lots of guys. That's to be expected, but the girl will ultimately choose who she wants to be with. If you want to make it clear to her that you're not interested in all the "just friends" nonsense, ask her out.


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