What's going on... now it's like some guys only want a date spend in their house?

I'm currently single, interested in a relationship and so was talking to these 2 guys on a dating site. It was all ok until they kept on insisting about coming over to their house more than three times after asking me what I like doing on my spare time, which is going to the movies.

I told them both from the start that last thing I want to do on my little spare time is staying at home (much less at a stranger's house) and how that bores me. Then both asked ''but after we go to the movies, don't you want to come over my place''. So when I said no, that we can go for a walk and chat a bit afterwards... then I'll be returning home to read some class materials (which is true also, I have a lot to study), suddenly no more messages for hours.
I DO NOT want to go to stay at a guy's house on the first date. What part of no don't they understand. I want to go out and watch a movie or maybe job, couple activities outside but not spend it in their house.
they were messaging me right away until I said declined going to their houses.


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  • They want a hook up

    • Yes, that's very annoying. At first I thought we were chatting and they wanted to know me. It started out good until they already throw in their ''I want sex'' desperation hints. I'm willing to bet if another girl were into that, she wouldn't hear from them either.

      It's hard to find a guy that actually cares about spending quality time and really think about other things other than just sex.

    • You have to read their true intentions good you didn't go over

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  • They want more than just getting to know each other well. I hate that too. I was talking to some guy before and right now he's not answering. He was trying to get his way in.

    Sucks that it seems that we can't find a serious guy that's interested in getting to know you without already giving hints that he wants sex. Don't they know we can already figure that out if you keep saying ''can I join you'' or ''come to my place''.


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  • they probably want some nookie. or maybe they think being at home is more comfortable than going out. either way, let them know what you want. maybe they think you WANT to go to their house.

    • It's the usually the first. Otherwise, if sex wasn't in their mind, they would still make an effort to get to know you and focus on spending quality time with us.

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