Guys, I'm falling for my friend, but I don't know how he feels?

I have this friend of mine and I've known him for over a year now. Origionally, my best friend introduced us to each other, and sense that time, I never really though of him as more than a friend until just a few weeks ago... But now, I feel like I'm tripping for him. I feel like I always want to be by him and I have this urg just to cuddle in his hoodies or kiss him, but I can't JUST do that! It's frusterating, and I've never felt that way about another guy before.
So to start off... Yesterday, we had a club meeting that we're both in together, and as the rest of our members left to go and get ice cream, me and this guy I like were left behind because we were getting our stuff organized. So as I'm walking out of the door and down the empty hallways, I hear him call after me and telling me to wait up. Well, when he reaches me, he looks me in the eyes and says "You're stupid." (We tease each other like this A LOT!) so of course we went back and forth teasing each other, but as we did so, I felt like our faces kept getting closer to each others. Our shoulders were already brushing against each others, but it was the most heated moment I've ever had with someone. That same night, we had a football game and I was attending it to sell tickets. Well, he just so happens to show up and help me and my other two friends out with the selling.
After the game, I begged him to go to the fair so we could all hang out. (The four of us working last night at the game, we're all friends.) and he told me "I'll think about it." So me and my friend leave and he shows up about 15 minutes later. So of course, I was super anxious to hang out with him and when we started tossing his hat around so he couldn't get it, I bolted for it with his hat in my hand, and what did he do? He chased after me. (That was pretty fun. I'm surprised he runs fast.) But than than today, I had volunteered at the airport and HE showed up AGAIN! He kept insisting that he helped me out when it came to me doing something for him and he kept on refilling my coffee up without me having to ask.

My friends say they think he likes me and that I should make a move on him, but I'm a girl and I don't know if he's just being a dude or if he actually likes me more than a friend. what do you think?
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  • Yes I think he likes you, but he may be unsure that you like him as well. You should try flirting a little, or just ask him out.

    • Thank you! If you don't mind me asking, do you have any important tips to asking him out?

    • Start off flirting to let him know you are interested. He might be shy and not want to make a move. I would just get him alone, get him into a good mood, tell him how much you like hanging out with him and around him, and ask if he would like to go on an official date.

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  • he wants inns haha nah im a guy and i would probs be acting the same way he is to u, to girls i like (except the refilling coffee thing cos i just dont do that) but yeah honestly even if u dont get the answer ur looking for and things get awkward between u, u can always make more friends ;))


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