Guys, would you date a girl who was all beauty and no brains?


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  • prob not would feel like a one trick pony that would get boring quiet quick

    • and what would that one trick be exactly?

    • the one trick would be that she is very attractive and its not ment in the literal term if that is what you mean : P

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  • Is she the no brain type that is super nice to everyone or a complete bitch to everyone because I would date her if she's the ditsy super nice girl

    • Don't see where I implied that she is a rude bitch to people. I guess she would be nice by default.

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    • Oh really, that's what you were thinking and that automatically means it must be on everyone else's mind as well?

    • You sound like an annoying cunt dude but I forgot to add probably now that I see it

  • Briefly, so I could smash... keepin' it real


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