I'm 18 and lived a very sheltered life. I now have a boyfriend, and I don't know what to do with him... HELP?

ALL DATING/ RELATIONSHIP ADVICE WELCOME!! I've lived a very sheltered life, but recently got a boyfriend, my parents hate him. So they make me stay in semi-public places with him. Anyway, he is more experienced when it comes to relationships, like when we make out he likes to touch/play/squeeze my boobs, and I'm fine with that. I actually like it lol. Once he even started rubbing me between the legs, that kinda made me feel a little bit uncomfortable at the time, but now I think I'd be fine with it. Anyway because I've had such a sheltered life I don't know how to react to these things in a positive way. And show him that I like it. BUT at the same time I don't want to give him the wrong idea... I'm a vergin and waiting until I'm married before having sex. Also what should I do with him- to like flirt and stuff? And when we're making out and he's touching my boobs what should I do? Any relationship/ dating advice is very welcome!!


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  • The best advice I can give is not to do things just because they are rebellious. I have several friends who used to be sheltered, moved out and began doing stupid things just because they could. Good luck!


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