What will he think?

There's a guy that likes me. I had sex with his friends (three of them) before and after I found out that he likes me. Now I developed feelings for him also. Do you think that there's a chance of him still wanting to date me if he finds out ( he most likely will)


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  • He probably will but since you've fucked his friends that might be all he wants. He thinks you might fuck him too


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  • Yeah major fucking deal breaker... I wouldn't take you seriously. I'm sure his friends would tell him, I've known when I sleep with a girl my friends have with before. They are much too happy to say "what my dick taste like?

  • If you weren't dating his friends, the odds that he'd date you (as opposed to just fucking you) are really, really low.

    If you were, it's still a barrier, but whatever.


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