He never texts back?

I am very confused. I have a crush on this guy who I know from band and I started texting him. We had been texting for a while and so I invited him to my 16th b-day party. For my real birthday he gave me a drawing, I thought for sure he liked me. He came to my party we had a great time. But now whenever I text him he never texts back?! I don't understand! Does he not like me anymore?


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  • He probably likes you. Especially since he took the time to make you a drawing! Stop texting him and give him a call. Our generations love to hide behind technology by texting and chatting online. You'll know for sure if you call him because either he'll ignore your calls or pick up and have a conversation!

    Do you two talk in band? Take that time to ask him what he's doing for the weekend and see if he wants to join to at a movie or some activity.


    www.FriendlyAdvice.org - link

  • There are several reasons.. he may be not getting your texts.. or something like that..

    Maybe someone told him he has to wait a certain amount of time between talking to you or something dumb like that.. lol..

    just calm down though.. and act.. like you don't care.. just text him every now and then like hey what's up or whatever.. don't get all fustrated over it.. continue with life. :]


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