Should I give him a chance?

there's this guy, he's really attractive appearance wise but personality wise, not so sure. We don't talk a lot about really deep or personal stuff so i feel like I don't know him. We're on the school track team so we spend time together and he's nice and all.

Only thing is that, we didn't really click at first, you know? Me and my ex, we clicked immediately and i never felt shy or anything. WIth this guy i'm somewhat shy, and i don't feel as intense feelings as i did for my ex.

Should I just give him a chance and see what happens?
Should I not waste my time?


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  • I would suggest feeling him out (no pun intended), but keep your options open, and definitely don't sleep with him.

    It seems you're young, so try not to box yourself into a relationship so quickly - go on dates, get a feel for the kind of guys you like and the kind you don't. Date outside of your normal people - date nerds, goths, athletes, but stay away from the weirdos with bug-eyes. . .

    Overall, just keep your options open.

    • thanks, and yeah definitely don't plan on sleeping with him... yet anyways lol
      But thanks that's some good advice, i really mean it!

    • I'm glad I can help. :)

  • Well so far the only thing you have made clear that you like is how attractive you find him but your personalities don't seem to meld well. It sounds like you guys just aren't a good fit for each other.

    • the thing is i don't really know his personality. I don't dislike what I do know about him. If that makes sense.

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    • Well just open up little things at a time. Like your dreams for the future or what you really care about in life and just see how he responds.

    • alright, I'll try that, thanks!!

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