Guys has a random woman , whom you didn't know & never seen before EVER approached you in a SAFE public setting /place & asked you out on a date?

I'm asking because on GaG, there's a lot of women that try to make it seem like that women ask guys out happens on the regular but in reality it probably happens maybe 0.1% of the time even though I've never witnessed it myself despite living 3 decades I guess I can compare the chances of a woman asking a guy she doesn't know in a public setting/place out (in case of the safety concern thing) to the chances of a human seeing haley's comet . I've never known one guy in real life actually say that a woman whom he didn't know, whom he has never seen before approached him and asked him out, even in a safe setting.
LOL silenced women on this.


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  • It rarely ever happens dude. I mean you'd be luckier finding a pink unicorn robbing a Brinks truck.

    Even in situations where the girl can't bare to look at me she's so turned on she still won't say anything. Women have done all kinds of things to get my attention but would never just say "Hey I think you're cute and I want to hang out sometime." Never. One girl in HS asked me out through a friend. Not directly. One girl tried saying hey to me, but she wasn't trying to ask me out.

    • Yeah on GaG women try to make it seem like its a common thing

    • The reason women THINK they do it is because women communicate to men through innuendo and non-verbal queues. They literally think they're telling the man something, but they aren't - they hint at it. But to them, they've straight-up told you as clear as day. It's kind of annoying, but I've been with my wife for going on 17 years and she STILL does that. lol

    • You're right BigPunny.

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  • It has happened to me twice in thirty-three years. It's VERY rare indeed. It's unfortunate, but very rare.

    Honestly, nowadays, if a woman did that to me, I would be VERY suspicious of something being awry.

  • I wish! Such legends are spoken of but their origin unknown for no lving man has experienced this marvel haha :)


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