Guys who have been hurt from a past relationship?

A guy who has been hurt from a recently past relationship, who showed interest in you by contacting you daily for almost 3 weeks, texting all day about everything, see each other at gym daily and would chat there too but says he's not ready for a relationship again because he's focused on finding who he is as a person, because he was in a relationship where he thought he knew her and she wound up cheating on him. Will he ever come around? by the way he like hates me now too, I think he got into a fight with me on purpose just to push me away, it started all because I told him my feelings were hurt from him backing away, and him being different with me and that I was just trying to be his friend and he flipped out on me and we dont talk anymore.


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  • Well presently he doesn't want to be with you so I'd move on. Don't waste your time waiting


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