I think I'm caught in a love triangle?

I meet this guy at my friends house about two months ago and we've been talking ever since. I really like him and am (almost) positive that he likes me too. All of this was fine until last week I got a text out of the blue from our mutual friend saying that he was jealous and hurt by our friendship. My relationship with him hasn't changed, we're not all that close and I talk to him the same amount as I did before meeting the other guy.
I do know our mutual friend used to have a crush on me but this was almost two years ago and he's had girlfriends since, so I thought we were all good just being friends. Until yesterday when he said he really likes me. He's also asked me not to mention any of this to my crush, but I'm worried it will start to come between them. That's the LAST thing I want to happen!
My friend is VERY sensitive. How do let him down easy while still being his friend? And should I tell my crush what is happening? Any advice greatly appreciated!


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  • No don't tell your crush but tell the other that you don't feel the same about him


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