One on One Talk w/ Ex. Good or Bad?

My ex and I have been broken for almost a year now because she dumped me for someone else as she was seeing him during our relationship. I was very hurt by this and she gave me all these lame excuses.
They are still in a relationship and sometimes I wonder if she really loves him. She just seems sad around me.
I've moved on completely from her and we've been sort of friends for a few months now.
Since we study at the same University and have the same spare time (no classes) together, I usually sit with her at a table in the library to study.
I never found closure with her, we sort of stopped talking then started being friends again. There are so much stuff I still don't actually know about.

1) I want to confront her about the reason she dumped me. She said she wasn't ready and then a few days later she starts dating him. And since it's been a year, it isn't a rebound. I felt like she didn't feel any empathy or thought when dumping me...

2) The guy she is dating now WAS actually a good friend of mine. But he started flirting with her behind my back. Something friends don't do. He even convinced one of my other friends NOT to pursue her long ago because she was "bad girl". But in reality, he was just jealous.

3) I also want to know the real reason she dumped me for him. I know I was too needy, but I want her to tell me.

4) and finally, I want to ask her whether or not she's really happy in her relationship with this guy. We are friends and I want her to really ask HERSELF that question. It just doesn't feel like she really likes him. There's no kissing, holding hands or anything. I want to press her buttons.

So do you think I should talk to her one on one quietly about this if I get the chance? I won't fall for her again, I've successfully moved on.


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  • I think it's a good idea that you talk to her. :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, it seems to me like you haven't moved on very much at all. There's nothing positive to be had here. Do yourself a favor and be satisfied with the things you say you know and let her be as well.


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