Help with feeling clingy?

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been best friends for almost a year and we started dating over a month ago and I feel like I'm being really clingy. Like people say I'm not but I feel like I text back too fast or I'm asking to hang out too much and things like that. He's very much a person that doesn't show his emotions and I'm the exact opposite so it's hard for me to get a feel if he's getting weirded out. I'm acting basically the same I did when we were friends but now I feel like if I do something wrong it's over. Everyone I've cared about has left me so I'm worried he'll do the same. I have really bad anxiety so that probably isn't helping but I'm just waiting for him to find someone better like every other person has. Is there anyway to help with this or to over come it?


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  • Umm I would ask him his he feels like your being clingy.
    Also no one is better than you! I've struggled with this my self and it took until my last heartbreak to realize but, if someone leaves for someone else that doesn't mean they are better than you. Just means they are better for them, which means they were not the best for you. Be happy you have the opportunity to find the person who is (perhaps this guy) and if not just know that your one person closer to the person that is.


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