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If you already liked a girl before would it change your opinion of her if you found out she had a nose job/rhinoplasty and chin surgery to make her chin smaller? Ok before everyone goes off and how stupid or shallow of a question this is , I know it is. The reason I'm asking is because we were actually having an argument about this in my class so I wanted to see all your opinions.
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  • I'd probably think a little differently about her, but then again I don't know.

    • Why do you think you might think differently?

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    • *I'd have to really like her

    • I see thanks

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  • This depends if I liked her for her looks or for who she is.

    • Let's say you liked her for her looks and who she was would it make a difference?

    • It would not.

  • There are way different criteria I would care about. If she's cute ore pretty it helps but if she respects me makes me happy is #1

    • Let's say she was both , you still wouldn't care?

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    • Um pretty I guess , she can't be both? Lol

    • Well doesn't matter if she has a pretty face if she treats me like shit. Some vanity is good everyone wants a beautiful significant other but long term personality takes the cake.

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