Will I ever have a chance with him?

I am interested in a guy named Sam, and we both work as servers at a restaurant. When I first started working at the restaurant, his good looks and politeness caught my interest. He always holds the door for me, thanks me every time I help him, always helps me out, and he is just sweet gentleman. But he is sweet to everybody, so I try not to overanalyze this. Word spread that I like Sam. I was disappointed to find out that Sam was under the impression that I liked him but didn't care to do anything about it. To cover up my embarrassment, I told Sam that I just think he is cute instead of having feelings for him. When I was telling another coworker that I didn't think Channing Tatum was hot, Sam intruded the conversation and asked me what my type was. Why was he curious? There was another incident when I said some other guy was good looking, Sam was distant and unfriendly towards me for a couple of hours. Was he jealous? There was another incident when I expressed that I wasn't pretty, he told me that I am too hard on myself. Does he think I am pretty? We say hi, have great conversations, and make A LOT of eye contact at work but I don't think it's going to get anything past that and it's upsetting me. I drop a lot of hints that I am interested, but I am starting to get convinced that he doesn't feel the same way.


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  • Hints don't work. We can't read signals. Speak up and ask him out

  • Won't know till you try


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