Girls, what to wear on a first date?

It's to a restaurant that I've been to before the restaurants dress code is basically no tank tops no shorts and no t shirts and no polos its not written anywhere but it's expensive so no one that would wear basketball shorts is going there anyway (keep in mind this isn't my first date ever its my first date with this girl) for basics I was thinking black pants, with a dress shirt and tie please give advice on colors for shirt and tie and advice on what jacket like a blazer or maybe no jacket and wear a suit type vest instead what do u think she is wearing a cocktail dress cuz she already sent me a pic and said is this okay for this restaurant and I said yes to it I don't want to outdress her or underdress either what should I think please give advice on the colors of my shirt and tie
Apparently it has been brought to my attention by her that it is not actually a cocktail dress but just a regular dress I'm not good with women's clothes


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  • A cocktail dress? This must be one fancy place or she's ridiculously over dressed. Very very very few places require that much formality and it doesn't sound like this place does. but I guess you must be dressed up to match her. So the whole woris, suit, tie, vest, everything

    • Sorry , forgot to mention colors. I think a blue shirt and maybe a bright colored tie to add that pop of color

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    • Thanks I appreciate the feedback I really just didn't wanna overdue it or underdo it apparently she's just wearing a regular dress so I'll wear a suit so she doesn't look over dressed I don't wanna look sloppy if she looks great

    • It's ok :) I get it. Believe me, I've stressed out before on what to wear for first dates. You'll be fine and you'll look awesome

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